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in maryland. tonight her future is uncertain as an accident in prince george's county, maryld. she was hit while riding her bike about 5:30 sunday morning. she . she was in landover road in largo. >> reporter: the driver told police, she thought she had hit an animal so she kept going. the victim was later found in the roadway wi major internal injuries. her mother tonight is hoping and praying she'll pull through. 30ear-old natasha pettygrew is in critical care at prince george's hospital center after being struck while riding her bike in largo early sunday morning. police say the diver of the cadillac escalade that struck her thought she had hit an animal and didn't report the crash until after she got home. pettygrew's mother said she wishes that driver would have stopped right away. >> you left her on the side of the road by herself. and no one should be on the side of the road by themselves at 5 clog inhe morning in that much
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pain. more than likely probably shocked and surprised. >> reporter: maryland state police stay escalade driver, 41-year-old kristy littleford didn't know she hit a bicyclist until she got home three mile away and found the bike stilled lodged under her suv. they say she called authorities immediately. >> she didn't realize she had hit a person. she thought maybe she struck a dog or a deer and she went home and inspected her vehicle and immediately did report itself on she complied with the law. >> reporter: police say pettygrew was ride herg bike in the roadway and it appeared she was not wearing reflective clothing at the time. >> we're calling in our crash team and our investigative units to take a lookt it. and they'll make a determination as to whether or not the charges have been filed at that time. >> reporter: pettygr's mother that her daughter is a trd year law school student and a green party candidate for the u.s. senate seat in maryland. she was training for a half ironman competition when she was struck. she is clinging to wlif massive
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internal and head injuries. >> she is my only daughter. she is my life. i don't know what i'm going to do if something happens to her. >> reporter: we were not able to reach the driver of the cadillac for comment today. her mother said she hopes some good will come of this tragedy. she is hoping more bike paths will be added heren the stat of maryland to make it safer for people lke her daughter. reporting live, darcy spencer, back to you. >> all right. thank you. poli tell us two children have been hit by a car in northeast d.c. it happened about an hour ago. police say both kids are ten years old. t car hit them on polk street northea near a service road along i-295. they were both in a hospital now with what we're told are serious injuries. we're told the driver did stay on the scene. d.c. council chair and democratic mayor nominee vincent gray said he will continue to pursue aggressive educati reform, and that may or may not
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include michelle rhee. tend d.c. school's chancellor has done some good things. rhee has come und fire for closing schools and firing teachers and principles in the district. on today's "oprah winfrey show," rhee spoke out about the importance of having good teachers. >> children's livesare hanging in the balance and we are making all the wrong decisions. >> reporter: while they haven't d any face to face conversations, he said he plans to speak with her specifically about the state of the d.c. school system. >> she was joined by hundred of family members at the shiloh baptist church in northwest d.c. she was a civil rights pioneer. at the age of 20, he organized a sit-in in a drugstore in his home town of wichita, kansas. and it worked.
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the protest became the model two years later fororth carolina. he became a renowned scholar, expert on race and politics, and a widely syndicated columnist. he also sved as campaign manager for both presidential bids of the reverend jesse jack. today, jackson delivered t eulogy. the d.c. delegate eleanor norton and other civil rights leaders also spoke at the service. he was 72 years old there's word the recession ended last summer. some say the reportedlyegan in the summer of 2009. lot of people say they want twlong the recession will end for them. in a town hall meeting at the museum today, they put that we do president obama. steve handelsman has our report. >> i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted of defending you. dending your administration. >> reporter: self-described
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obama supporters laid into him live on cnbc's town hall. people like thelma hart. >> i voted for a man who said he would change thing in a meaningful way for the middle class. i'm one of those people and i'm waiting, sir. i don't feel it y. >> reporter: the same from an out of work law school graduate. >> i really want to know. is the american dream dead for me? >> absolutely no we're moving the right direction. >> reporter: there's more proof of that today. economists calculatedur reselling ended in jne 2009. recovery began 14 months ago. but not for millions of us. the president acknowledged. >> the challen is that the hole was so deep that a lot of people out there are still hurting. >> reporter: when a wall street ceo complained -- >> we have felt like a nata. aybe you don't feel like you're whacking us with a stick but we certainly feel like we've been whacked with a stick. >> i think most folks on main street feel li they got beat
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up on. >> reporter and he will not okay tax cuts. >> 86% of that money going to people making a million dollars or more, and lowered the deficit at the same time. i don't have the math. >> reporter: will he have the votes after november to keep steering the recovery? the president challenged his republican opponents toay how they would cut taxes and spending, but not cut program like social security. nbc news, washington. the stock market continuing its rally. all three indices up today. the dow jones averageas up more than 145 points. it closed at 10,754. the nasdaq up more tha 40 points to close at 2355. the s&p 500 pick up more than 17 points. some people who played the powerballn d.c. are cashing in thanks to a computer mistake. they tell news4 the system
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malfunctioned over the weekend. the winning null for the$116 million jackpot were posted at 1, 18, 37, 39, 44, and 14. but they should have been 1, 18, 37, 39, 44, and 13. people who have already claimed money from the wrong number will have their payments honored. it is unclear how many people that would be but no cket won more than $100 in the drawing. the jinz on the wrong side of the numbers game. >> it w a good game. some good otball. john shichb >> reporter: expectations have changed. fans tell me they're no longer happy with just staying in there. last night they came so close to
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staying undefeated. unfortunately it didn't their way. in overtime work the time was not the charm. >> terrible. terrible. we had them and let them offthe hook. we had game one. upset. disappointed, p i hai could go on. >> reporter: they had a rough start to the workweek after suffering a heart breaking overtime loss. >> a time-out taken. >> reporter: the last second houston time-out calledhis game winning field goal back. >> from 52 yards away. no good! >> reporter: the next one, wide right leaving the door open for the texans to steal a win. >> i think it's bogus. they need to totally get rid of that. reporter: her father is taking the loss especially tough. his name is hollywood hill billy. and yes, he is one othe hogettes. >> he is still licking his wounds.
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he is hung over from the aftergame drinking. so how is he taking it? he is probaly really depressed right now. >> reporter: but kevin who writes for hogs that most fans who are weighing in today on his blog are keeping thing in perspective. >> it's been pretty positive. we play two very tough team. we won last week. >> reporter: and fans in arlington are starting to believe again in a team they fell in love with years ago. >> scoring7 points though was a high int. it showed that shanahan could put some points on the board. and mcnabb was excellent, i thought. >> yesterday was like the old heydays. it w deafening. i had to hold my ears. it was so loud. i like that. people havi a good time. >> n if you are one of those redskins fans that are still depressed about last night's loss, this might cheer you up. e cowboys starting the season at 0-2. next week, they take on the same
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high powered houston texans while the redskins traveled to st. louis, taking on the struggling rams. live in arlington, john schriffen. back to you. >> and we a reminde we can take nothing for granted just because the ram suck. we know better than to assume anything, right? >> reporter: special when i the redskins. >> thank you. we've got our team coverage of the redskins coming up. lindsay is at the park. >> i was going to say, you can't take him for granted? coming up in sports, these guys out herere frustrated. deangelo hall, very fired up. we'll tell you what he had to say. the raiders, they threw the ram around like rag dolls. highlights coming up next.
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shoppers being -- >> hurricane igor come ashore. great weather continues across our regin. close to 80 degrees. what can we speck over the next couple days? a big dip in the temperaturend then a big rise. think about the internet.
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a popular shoe store in new york city is shut down because of bed bugs. the nike store temporarily closed its flagship store downtown. it is called nike town. the company says it is working exterminators to fix the problem. they hope to reopen soon. new rk city has a growing bed bug problem. that is closed several other stores there. a man in kentucky charged th his wife's murder says
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excessive amounts of caffeine left him so mentall unstable, he didn't know that he had killed her. 33-year-old woody smith is accused of strangling his wife amanda in may of 2009. smith's lawyer says his client ingested so much caffeine in the days leading up to the murder that he was temporarily insane. smith claim he took caffeine laced diet pills and washed them down with no fear energy drinks. >> over the week, bp says it successfully sealed that leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. despite thatood news for many gulf residents, it is still business as usual which right now is not good. jay gray reports from new orleans. >> reporter: the well is peanently sealed in the gulf but the work continues. >> we have way, way away from being finished up, cleaned up, whatever they want to indicate. it is a long term battle. >> reporter: there's evidence of that fight in the marshes of
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plaques min parish. >> we kansas tell $421,000 worth of trips in may and june. i'm down 94% year to date. it's pretty bad. >> 11, 12, 13. >> reporter: it is even woe for restaurants like the capital oyster bar. an institution in montgomery, alabama for years. the resurant is now closing its doors. >> taxes are due. the abc board wants me to buy a new license. the county health department, i have to go buy a new license from them. and there is just not must the money. >> reporter: a struggle that businesses all along the gulf coastontinue to deal with even though the well is now closed forever. jay gray, news4. experts say residents will feel the effects of the gulf oil spill for years to come. for now, a moratorium on deep
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water drilling by the obama administration remains in place. it is set to expire november 30. coming up, a new develop many in the case against a man police say won't a stabbing rampage targeting black men. and scientists will decide if genetically engineered salmon is safe to eat. ♪
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at least four houses have been destroyed already by a real fast-moving wildfire in utah. it started on sunday afternoon. more than 1,200 homes are under mandatory evacuation. more than 100 fireghters battled this blaze. it started yesterday at camp williams during a national guard training session. >> around here we've had perfectly wonderful weather all weekend. >> we talked, i think it was
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thursday about the perfect day. >> we had it >> today was it. >> thank you, thank you. >> i knew we would get one in there for you guys. it has been just about perfect outside. tempature right around 80 degrees. low humaidity. a gorgeous shot today. a beautiful day toget out and about. outside, what have we seen? once again the high temperature. close to the 80-degreemark. currently sitting at 79 degrs. the heat index at 77. the human at 22%. winds out of the north at 14 miles an hour. those winds have been gusty, upwardsf 20 to 25 miles an hour. so you may want to bring the wind down 5 to ten miles an hour. then you can call it perfect. it was pretty darn close across the area. sterling, 78 degrees. frederick at 75. 76 in baltimore and down towar leonardtown, 75. 66 at 9:00.
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53 degreesy 5:00 a.m. it will be a very cool morning tomorrow. some of the suburbs, most of the suburbs will get to the upper 40s. maybe a little bit cooler than that. tomorrow you may need that jacket as you step outside. here's why. 79 in the district. look at buffalo. 64 degrees. right now, our air is coming from the north. over the next couple days, look at the hot air south and west. 94 in atlanta. the hot air will move our way. we've got the cool air toght and the very warm air over the next couple days. here is hurricane igor. hurricane igor making its way through bermuda. it did not come onshore but very close. look at the video that we have. it did make its way very close to andfall. around hamilton. the residents there about 70,000 residents on the island of bermuda. nearly 20,000 of them lost power. the good news is there is no major damage. both obviously, as you can see, a lot of trees and power lines
6:23 pm
down. for the most part, no real dage toward that island. that's very good news. the storm continues to move out in the atlantic. here it is, it will continue to move out. high pressure for us will continue to move in. very nice weather across our region. nice tomorrow after a fairly cool start. and then watch what happens. the high slides down to the south and east. and here comes the heat. and i mean, it will get hot. tell will be 10 to 15 degrees above average. on wednesday, probably thursday into friday as well. now let's go back to the tropics. here's igor again making its way to the north and east. juliano longer a tropical storm. they're not even talking about this. now we're watching another system which could become lisa as early as 11:00 tonight. we'llatch out for that. still a long way from the united states. 76 -- clear and quite pleasant. sunset tonight, 7:08. it continue to get earlier and earlier.
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you know we start fall on thursday. >> we do now. >> th's the equinox. >> clear and cool. jacket optional tomorrow morning. you may need it and you may not. 47 to 53 degrees. you y want it or you may not. you'll be able to take it off arou 10:00. that's when it will warm up. 79 to 83 degrees. as we move to the next fo days, here come the heat. 92 on wednesday. going 88 on thursday. a slight chance of a shower early. most of us will remain dry if we hit 90 on thursday, that could be three days in a row. that could be a heat wave again. don't worry, it will feel nothing wlik we saw this sumr. no humidity out there. at least not much. then a chance for rain coming up on saturday. that will help cool us off sunday into monday. >> are we going to start looking at that 90-degree record again? >> we're a 63. the record is 67. if we get even three, we're not there. we're getting closer. it is like motherature wants to break it. >> do i need to if i will a discrimination suit? >> against what? >> anybody whose name begins with a k.
6:25 pm
you went from julia to lisa. there's a k in there. what happened to k? >> karl hit mexico last week. we talk about it. you were there. >> wasly the? did i mit that? >> i was going to say maybe they retired k after katrina. would have been a good idea. >> they did retire krina's name. they're bringing in a new one. >> my bad. >>arl is there. no "z" names. coming up on news4, we'll tell you about a local 13-year-o who sold a cake at a bake sale for $3,500! >> more than 100 people injured when bleachers gave way down in brazil. a young womanoes out to party with some friends and then she ends up dead. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story coming up. maryland stands with arizona. that's what the t-shirt in the window says. it refers to the immigration enforcement.
6:26 pm
it has created a controversy in frederick. coming up in sports, a cubs rookie injured by a broken bat. the raiders body slam the rams. and deangelo hall voices his displeasure with the defensive scheme.
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frusations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restorinthe jobs, tourist beaches,
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and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independentlrun aims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be he until we make this right.
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a 21-year-old student excited about a friday night party leaves the celebration, only to be gunned down in the district. police say ashley mccrae died at the hospital afte she was shot side her car early saturday morni in southeast d.c. >> that scene was across town from where she started her night at a club in northeast. now the police are searching for a suspect and a motive in that murder. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: ashley mccrae. 21 years old. murdered over the weekend in far southeast. >> she is sweet. she had no enemies.
6:30 pm
she's pretty. i just don'tnow why. >> reporter: ashley mccrae. she worked at commander salamander's boutique in georgetown. friend and co-worker will meyers. >> she was a good person. she didn't deserve to die like that. all i can remember is friday, we were all there and she was talking about going out, having friends. she couldn't wait. she was real excited about it. >> reporter: friday night, ashley left commander salamander's around 9:00 p.m. she went to her home in columbia heigh, changed her clothes and around 11:00 she went to a friend's birthday party at the nightclub in ntheast. they say she was there for more than two hours and left with a male friend. a short time after leaving that nightclub in northeast, ashley mccrae ends up in a car in the 2700 block of bruce place utheast. inhat car, they say she wa
6:31 pm
shot. neighbors heard the gun fire. they call 911. ashley mccrae rushed to the hospital. but she died a short time later. what are you going to remember most about her? >> her smile. that's what is keeping me going. her smile. i keep seeing her smil she had the prettiest smile in the world. >> reporter: what is the motive here? police are looking into the possibility that an argument led to this case of murder. i'm pat collins, news4, washington. police are checking security cameras at t nightclub to determine whether they can provide any clues that will help them solve this murder. the man accused in the series of stabbings in thre states is now charged in six of th attacks. 33-year-old elias abuelazam is accused of the stabbing ive of the michigan victim died. today abuelazam was charged with murder in one case and attempted murder in four othe cases.
6:32 pm
he was already charged with one of the michigan attacks that was not fatal. if he is convicted, he faces life in prison without parole. a local wrestling ref3 facing child pornography charges. he is in custody after police say they found pornography in his lorton home. he is a wrestling official at middle and high school wrestling matches in the area. police arrested him on sunday after he was involved in a trafficaccident. he's been charged with ten counts of possession of child porn. in frederick, maryland, there is some controversy over the sale of t-shirts and it is fanning the fle with the immigration battle. some say the shirts have an offensive message. the francis scott key mall sent a letter to the store telling it to stop selling the t-shirts. tonight the management sent out a new e-mail changing its position. chris gordon has the report. >> reporter: the t-shirts are on display in this store window. they say maryland stands with air wear the flags of both
6:33 pm
states displayed. the t-shirts were design by james kio, owner of the galry. he was first told to stop selling the t-shirts in a letter from the francis scott key mall management. now it says it made a miss take. it sent t letter in error and that it welcomes the diversity of views. the gallery owner will continue selling his t-shirts. >> to me it a lot bigger than the t-shirts and a lot bigger than frederick. it is about the fact a lot of people in this country feel victimized by political correctness and they're afraid to speak the truth. and people who came in over the weekend, that was the general consensus of what they had to say. i want to come in and shake your hand. i want to thank you for what you're doing. i'm in complete support about it. >> reporter: the president of the naacp says the store has the right to sell the immigration t-shirts. but that it is a sensitive issue in the community. >> he has the rights.
6:34 pm
is it right at this time when the committee needs more unity? i would say no. >> reporter: we asked some residents of ederick what they think of the immigration t-shirts. >> for him tosay maryland supports would mean everybody in the state of maryland supports. thus far we haven't polled everyone to know who is in support and whos not. >> would you wear one of these? >> absolutely. everybody that comes to this country needs to work and help support this country. they're welcome but let's not take advantage of us. >> reporter: he says he has sole out of the 60 or so t-shirts that he made and he has ordered eight dozen more. the controversy over the t-shirts has made them a hot commodity. in frederick, aryland, chris gordon, news4. >> the gallery has mounted and frame the slogan maryland stands with arizona. with crossed state flags to be hung as a piece of art. efforts to get people to stop texting behind the wheel may be working but slowly.
6:35 pm
the transportation department says nearly 5,500 people died last year in crashes that involved distracted drivers. that's dwn 6% from the year before. the gornment says the problem is still an epidemic. teenagers represented 16% of distracted drivers involved in ashes. that's theighest proportion of any age group. coming up tonight, a smoking fire erupt under a bridge. a man isescued from his [ male announcer ] need a better way to save for the things you want?
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plenty of sunshine across the region. right now toward the airpo, as we look out across the river, spectacular sky. bright blue skies d really not too many clouds at all. the sun will be going down in about a half an hour. the current temperature, 79 degreeswith the dew pot of
6:39 pm
only 37 degrees. winds out of the north at 14 miles an hour. you have to see the camera sheikh in the winds. they've been a little gustynd had us bringing in cooler air. 51 frederick. 53 in martinsburg, west virginia. 52 degrees in saint mary's. tomorrow's highs will be around 80 degrees. annapolis, 82. in the district, 80 degrees in frederi and over the next couple days, the heat will be. on say hello to the 90s once again. 92 on wednesday. right now, looking at 88 most likely on thursday. mostly sunny during the afternoon. friday, a high near 93 degrees. so a big co-down tonight, follow by a pretty big warm-up the rest of the week. >> thanks. down in brazil, a bleacher collapsed and more than 100 peop were injured. it happened during a car race. firefighters say at least 500 people were sitting in that second quarter of the bleachers
6:40 pm
that collapsed. 111 of them were injured. 22 people are still in the hospital with critical inuries. authorities say firefighters were not asked to inspect those bleachers before the race. train service in new yor city is back to normal now after a bridge fire shut down all the trains headed into the city. just before noon, a transformer caught fire under the 138th street lift bridge. that bridge carries about 135,000 people in and out of manhattan every morning. rail service was suspended for several hours while firefighters worked to put out the blaze. official say nobody was injued. there was a dramatic river rescue in croatia. rescuers spent hours trying to tow the people to safety. crews finally used a helicopter to pull him to safety as the back of the boat went underwater and the entire thing sank. storm have flooded rivers and
6:41 pm
stream in the northern western des o croatia and making the slovenia. >> reporter: they're licking their wounds and getting fired up. coming up, the redskins quarterback deangelo hall says give never toughest assignment and graham gano learns from being iced. and tyler colvin never expected tobe
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
it was very good until the very end. >> a lot of good ball playing yesterday. and 400 and some yards of offense. almost unheard of with this team. >> reporter: it hasn't been done by two opposing quarterbacks in this game since 1994. thawas dan marino and drew bledsoe. a fun fact for you. certainly a rare opportunity to see an exciting game. the rookie left tackle trent williams did have an mri. his results came back as negative. the problem is he is still very sore. they will re-evaluate to see if he can get out there on the feel and he'll be able to play
6:45 pm
against the rams. if not, mike shanahan did say he is very confident. the team overall, very frustrated with the loss. especially consideringhow well they did offensively. but some players on defense, a little bit fired up. today, deangelo hall was one of them. he was furus saying he wanted to take matters into his own hand. let me take you back to the field. he is identified really by the coaching staff as one of the leaders onhis defense. he is irritated with the defensive strategy of leaving each corner back on one side. he kn his ability. he thinks that the defen could have success if co-just let himself play the to guard the best receivers. tod, hall that at he will talk to jim haslett about that. he said he wants to do it his way. doesn't care of the response. >> they don't mind what he said. no matter what he said. it is my opinion. that's what i'm going to do. guys will catch balls.
6:46 pm
my fst four years in atlantic, i followed the guys around. didn't matter. give me enough opportunity, i will make plays. that's how it is. yesterday i did not have no opportunities to make plays and that's frustrating. it is frustrating to go out there ande up 17 points and still lose a game. like i said, i don't care if they catch 20 balls. throw it 20 times my way, i'm going to make you play. >> reporter: it will be interesting to hear what defensive coordinator jim haslett has to say about this but notice that deangelo hall is one of the most passionate players on that team. he just wants to win. and make shanahan came out today and that he wants all his players to think that way. we'll see if there is a meeting between those minds and what the outcome is. it is ironic because mike shanahan actually invented the ice the kicker tactic. it happened when he was with the broncos in 2007. the broncos won the me. yesterday it back fired on the redskins. that's because it was teir
6:47 pm
kuker graham gano going for the 52-yard attempt. he missed an opportunity to win and really today, nobody felt more frustrated than graham gano here. he watched the film last night. he said his wife had tape te game for him. he knew the texans would call a time-out. that's what he told me. he said his mistake was when he got to the kick. he lift his head too early to see if the ball that h sailed through theupright. as you know, he will me that he watched that film closely. saw what he did wrong. he vowed improve. >> i was just asonfident as ever. probably a little too relaxed. and you know, it's just next time, just be more focused on the fundamentals of kicking. >> definitely frustrating as far as missing anopportunity like hat, te moments i dream of. it is frustrating. i'm just as confident as ever right now that i can make tha kick. i kick the first one really well
6:48 pm
so i know i can do it. >> i got so much abuse for starting it. i can't reallylame him for throwing a time-out in there. i did it about a half second beforehand. gary did it a lot earlier. i think most people wondered if you're going to call a timout, call it before the snap. and ry did that. it didn't work out our way. you have to go with your gut. that could have been easily missed the first one and all of a sudden, you make the second one. at happens as well, too. so something, you have to have a gut and gary's gut work out well. >> mike shanahan referred to gary kubiak. i don't know if you remember that, backhen he created that role, there was a huge uproar the nfl because he had pulled that kind of trick. >> yeah. i do remember that. and i was, remember wondering, what are they mad about? that's fooall. why not? you're trying to win the game doufl what you can to win the game. >> anything. >> shanahan said he caught it at the perfect time. so god speed. there you go. and won the game for them.
6:49 pm
redskins' next opponent is the st. louis ram. they played the oakland raiders and the raiders interestingly enough have a quarterback controversy on their hands. it involves jason campbell. he was benched during yesterday's game. his replacement had three scoring drives and led the raiders to victory i want to start you off with the other starting quarterback. sam bradford leading the ram against raiders. fir quarter no, score. the ram were driving. bradford, throwing the pass on third down. and jackson, he picked up the first down and to the raiders eight. e 24-yard gainful would it set up a touchdown pass. the rams go up by seven. the raiders' starting quarterback jason campbell. he didn't have a good day. te in the second quarter, the raiders wereown by four. campbell pumps right, drops back. he is intercepted by james butler. campbell benched at halftime. third quarter, the rams up by one. he is proving to be very, very capable. feeling the preure. he makes the most of it.
6:50 pm
throws louis murder physician open in the end zone. four yards scoring and the raiders take 13-7 lead. the ram trying to com from behind. there down nine. late in the fourth quarter. sam bradford with a quick throw. the line backer, he body slams him for the tackle. take a couple more looks at this. this is a guy that was on hard knocks. he used to be with the jet mclean goes wwe on him. 6'3", 225 pounds. the raiders beat the rams 16-14. moving now to baseball for a minute. cubs' rookie outfielder tyler colvin's season is over after a very scary incident. it happened in miami. if you have not seen this video, you'll want to watch it. it is pretty interesting. top of the second inning, the cubs catcher wellington castillo is up. hits the ball to left field. his bat though breaks. the sharn end of the broken bat. hits tyler colvin who is a run order third. hits him in the chest.
6:51 pm
punctures a hole in his chest cavity. colvin immediately attended to by the cubs' training staff. he is okay and expected to spend a few more days in the hospital for observation. his season was through. the knock on that is that ey're maple bats. when they break, they're much bigger shards. thats something players say they're surprised it does happen a lot more. >> i noticed he made sure to go home and cross the plate and score before he went and got medical care. >> yes. that's the sign of a true champion. >> thank you. coming up, [ male announcer ] need a better wayo save for the things you want?
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the sfrugs close to deciding whether genetically modified fish are safe to eat. scientists have found a way to make salmon grow faster by altering its dna. >> reporter: u.s. demand for salmon is as strong as ever because the cardiovascular and neurological benefits of eating th fish have been proven. now a massachusetts company aqua bounty says it can genetically engineer salmon to grow faster by injecting it with a hormon >> we at aqua boundy do not believe this solves all of the world's problems and food surity but we do believe this is an example of the application of the technology that can address many of those problems and can do so suainbly. >> reporter: the genetically engineered salmon reaches maturity in 16 to 18 months rather than the normal 30 months. and as opposed to ill porting salmon from around the world, it says this fish can be raised
6:56 pm
domestically. >> we can have a sustainable source of high quality seafood protein closer to populations and in essence, fresh fish closer to the cities where the fish are consumed. >> reporter: but alowing human consumption of franken fish as critics call them is opposed by those who fear what is next. >> today it is the fish we're talking about but very soon a genetically engineered pig, a chicken, even god forbid, our beloved cows. >> reporter: if approved, the salmon would be the first genetically modified animal permitted by the food and drug administration which wrapped up a two-day hearing monday and is already concluded no harm can come from consuming this fish. chris clackum, nbc news. >> the fda's final decision on the salmon is no expected for several week. coming up, every cell phone has a number.
6:57 pm
not the phone number. we're talking about how much radiation it emits. >> rerter: hour on our phones, talking, texting, e-mailing, tweeting. while most experts agree there is no conclusive evidence they are dangerous to our health, they do emit radiation. >> the cell phone radiates energy in the form of magnetic waste. >> reporter: he is a professor at george mason university. he said cell phone admit the same kin of radiation that your microwave oven uses to cook food. but what come out of your cell phone is much less powerful than a microwave. >> a cell pho transmits on the order or up to about a watt of power, a microwave oven uses a thousand time that much energy. >> find out more about how much radiation is being emitted from your cell phon tonight, knowing the number on news4 at 11:00. a final check?
6:58 pm
>> a great day today. it will be great tomorrow. then the heat is on. after a big cool-down, you'll wake up tomorrow morning and it will feel a little bit chilly out there. the kids will most likely use a jacket as you send them off to school. a beautiful shot as th sun makes its way down. now 76 degrees across the district at reagan national airport. win at nine mil an hour. 75 in manassas. culpeper at 79 degrees. annapolis right now at 73. th next four days, 82 tomorrow after a low tonight of 53 in the city. le ars into the 40s overnight. and then hears our warm-up noox on wednesday. 80 on thursday. 93 degreeson friday. only a slight chance of a shower thursday. most of the day will be fine. there's the extended. a chance on saturday. thanks. the great frederick fair is underway right now in frederick county, maryland. one of the highlights of the show every year is the auction that follows the baking contest.
6:59 pm
224 cakes, pies, and other baked goods were on the block last night. the grand champi of the contest fetched the highest bid. a golden cake with lemon filling. sounds delicious. it sold for $3,500. the baker is a novice. a high school freshman. he is only 13 years old. has neveraked a cake for a contest. the winning bidder was vick from ross contracting. the fair officials say the auction raised more than $25,000 for the frederick county 4h. >> i wouldn't if they ate that cake yet. >> i don't know. about $350 a piece?

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